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What Is Buy Here Pay Here?

Have you had trouble getting financing? Poor Credit? Bad Credit? Repos or Banruptcies? We can help! The term “buy-here-pay-here” refers to an auto dealer that finances their own vehicles without selling the loan to a bank. Usually they are car lots that specialize in those customers who cannot get an auto loan through a regular bank.

When you know the benefits of Buy Here Pay Here financing, you may realize that Buy Here Pay Here can be your best option!

Primarily we help people that…

  • Have a credit score less than 690
  • Been turned down at other dealerships
  • Have trouble proving income
  • Have short work time
  • Are a 1st time buyer
  • Have no credit established
  • Have Prior Repossessions
  • Have prior Bankruptcies

All of the above is okay at B&B Automotive!


What Can B&B Automotive Do For You?

Easy Auto Financing - The most important benefit of BHPH financing is that it gives credit-challenged people the opportunity to get much-needed transportation. In many cases, a BHPH dealership isn’t just an option — it may be the only option when someone has been turned down by traditional loan institutions.

Shorter Term Auto Loans - No long commitments get your car paid off fast and your credit rebuilt quickly


Affordable Down PaymentsWe have vehicles starting at $295 down!

Affordable PaymentsWe are 100% invested in your ability to make your payment so we pay careful attention to make sure the monthly payment is within your budget

Quality Vehicles is Our Priority Bad credit shouldn’t prevent you from getting a good vehicle. BHPH dealers need to ensure your faithfulness to the payment plan, which is why they need to offer you a dependable quality vehicle. Ask dealerships about their inspection standards and vehicle reconditioning processes…and see if they offer onsite maintenance and repairs

Oil Changes INCLUDED - Because we are so invested in your vehicles quality we offer all our customers oil changes included for the life of the loan.

Quality Warranty - A 30-month warranty INCLUDED on ALL vehicles!

Flexibility with Insurance Coverage - We offer plans that allow you to carry just liability with your insurance company.

An Improved Credit Score will Give You More Financing Opportunities at a Lower CostMaking timely payments on an installment loan may help rebuild a credit history. An improved credit score will give you and your family more credit opportunities for less money.

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