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3-Step Vehicle Inspection Process

It’s not easy to know a good vehicle from a bad one unless you’re a mechanic. That’s why we take care of everything before a car, truck or SUV makes it to our lot.

Did you know…

  • There are many vehicles we reject because they don’t meet our standards.
  • Once we select a vehicle that passes our extensive screening process, we then put an additional $1000 or more, on average, of work into it so that it typically exceeds our expectations for reliability

Why do we go “above-and-beyond” and take profit out of our pockets? Because it’s our business model… It’s the way we’ve done business for over 25 years. We invest in you, and you invest in us. It’s much more than a buyer-seller relationship. It’s a partnership… A friendship…

Why? Because our continued success lies in your ability to make your loan payments. That’s because WE DON’T SELL YOUR LOAN to a bank like almost all other car dealerships (and many other Buy Here Pay Here auto dealers). So we’re invested with you not only from Day 1, but every day until your loan is paid off. This means that your ability to drive to work every day is just as important to you as it is to us!

And with our incredible Worry-Free Guarantee that comes with every vehicle we sell, you’ll DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE!


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