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For over 24 years, our 24,000 satisfied customers have made B&B Automotive the area’s #1 Buy Here Pay Here dealership.  View some of our recent customer testimonials below.


The Wilson's from Flemington, NJ

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/dMbmE92kPBU/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"This was our second purchase at B&B. We are always welcomed with friendly faces."

Why Russ and his family love B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/yjdotJhCFmQ/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"My wife, kids and a lot of friends have bought from B&B. We love it here!"

David, a very happy customer

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/f2swQdlRf2E/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"The B&B staff was extremely friendly."

B&B came to Kathleen's rescue

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/edz7ld1in9E/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"I was taken advantage of by another dealership but B&B was very understanding and got me into a new car."

Mother buys her daughter's first car

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/920xbjcl658/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"They were very straight forward and told me exactly what to bring."

Automatic Payments boosted Zala's Credit

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/x1IAtPJMdSY/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"Jenny knew what I wanted and made sure I left with a car I loved."

Jyonna was amazed at how friendly everyone was

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/MJPb_8snXvE/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"I was very surprised with the friendliness here. Everyone that I came across was happy and smiling."

How a Bad Night Turned into a great experience for Jinny

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/TsBLQOsN6aw/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"My first car was hit but B&B got me into a new one that I'm very happy with."

An executive chef with great taste in car dealerships

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/U5TVsfNreIo/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"I didn't have a lot of time so Jose was fast and to the point. He answered all of my questions so I felt very secure with him."

Rebecca is Strengthening Her Credit Score

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/a2Rle8ZTCBE/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"It was a long process but Michael made it a smooth and easy one. He's bubbly and fun!"

Theresa from Trenton, NJ

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/8g6kAVPI3oQ/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"Other dealerships had a lot of excuses why I couldn't get a car. B&B didn't waste my time. They got me in and did everything they said they would."

Jose had a 'great experience' at B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/BDyGC7-va3U/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"My daughter and I had a great experience at B&B."

Ann traveled from Old Bridge, NJ

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/5BAAuGRILBQ/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"I shopped at other dealerships but B&B was the most promising."

Sean, a union plasterer from Philadelphia

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/bGvb5RpIzME/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"Everybody was really professional and did what they told me that they would do over the phone."

Customer Satisfied with Her B&B Purchase

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/W1_4bi6UDwU/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"My salesperson was Michael. He was very informative and helped me with a lot."

Crystal from Southwest Philadelphia

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/KscVIcrDjDo/1.jpg
July 26, 2017

"They made sure my mom was in a car really quickly."

Briana of Lancaster

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/DVGco45Zr-s/1.jpg
Lancaster, PA
December 12, 2016

From the beginning, the person I talked to on the phone...I called them maybe 2-3 times a day for almost a week and they never gave me a hard time...so, from the time my process started up until the end...no complaints at all.

A nice family van for Luz's kids

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/bUlL_GM7tS4/1.jpg
September 12, 2016

Luz has a big family. We bet the kids were all happy to see the new family van she drove home from B&B Automotive.

customers are treated like family

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/b0uvnZrIf4k/1.jpg
August 24, 2016

customers are treated like family at B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills

Donna got some good advice

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/hVyYF4G_IHY/1.jpg
September 28, 2016

I just walked right in.

Worth the ride from Lancaster

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/t3RO4oa3FRA/1.jpg
Lancaster, PA
October 5, 2016

They got us into the type of car that we wanted.

Quite a nice upgrade, indeed

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/YvsbXgCM0Bs/1.jpg
West Philadelphia
October 4, 2016

Nice little upgrade

Financing A Breeze

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/tuJVo05VXns/1.jpg
April 24, 2015

When Anita Day's old car broke down near B&B Automotive's new dealership in Fairless Hills she went straight to the lot and found that her 'previous-customer' status made financing a breeze.

Thrilled with the way he was treated at the dealership

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/q-VEaqBMm6c/1.jpg
April 24, 2015

Giovanni's car 'left him' on a return trip to Philadelphia from Delaware. He came to B&B Automotive with little money and less hope. But Giovanni drove out with a car and he's thrilled with the way he was treated at the dealership.

B&B--Affordable auto ownership and a great way to establish or rebuild your credit.

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/6fP01c2hMS0/1.jpg
Willingboro, NJ
April 24, 2015

A friend on the job told Kadeem his B&B vehicle works like a charm. Kadeem decided to check out our dealership in Fairless Hills for himself and ended up driving off in his own car.

Jessica feels more secure on the highway in her B&B SUV

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/9rzqgJfeqNI/1.jpg
April 17, 2015

Jess liked the Cadillac that she bought from B&B Automotive but a head-on collision left her looking for a vehicle that put her higher off the ground and with better visibility.She found an SUV that fit the bill at our new dealership in Fairless Hills. Watch her video for details. - See more at: http://hasslefreeautoloan.com/testimonials/#sthash.fn3ZQu0d.dpuf

Pleased by the size of the inventory

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/nm6ucxUm-UY/1.jpg
March 20, 2015

Bernadette and Eric Newman bought a vehicle from B&B Automotive a few years ago and now added a second to the family fleet. They said they were pleased by our new facility, size of our inventory and all the upgraded features, like our warranty and bundle of 'freebies.'

Returning Customer

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/dnNAbKyXK-k/1.jpg
Southwest Philadelphia
February 28, 2015

Peter and Angelia Stephens of Southwest Philadelphia returned to B&B Automotive for their second auto purchase because of the good experience they had with their first B&B car.

Obviously Doing Something Right

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/Qaxqtf0S1aY/1.jpg
February 18, 2015

Carmen and Carlos purchase their fourth vehicle from the third B&B Automotive dealership they've visited in the past five years. Obviously, we're doing something right.

Happy They Came To B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/m9InFQmxxeY/1.jpg
February 14, 2015

Bob and Janette spent a part of Valentine's Day traveling in the snow and cold from Delaware County to B&B Automotive in Fairless Hills, Bucks County. And they're happy they did.

Great Buy Here-Pay Here

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/P_HUAo8snlg/1.jpg
South Philadelphia
February 13, 2015

No more long bus rides to work and back for Matya Thorn of South Philadelphia now that she discovered the great buy-here-pay-here financing deals at B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills, Pa.

Felix Was Helpful

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/lF3FreeIdCc/1.jpg
February 9, 2015

Rhoda found B&B Automotive on the Internet and was impressed by the customer reviews. She drove from Yeadon to our location in Fairless Hills and was impressed by the friendly atmosphere, the mini movie theater that kept her daughter occupied, and how helpful her credit rep Felix was in getting her the right car and deal.

Sam found B&B Automotive in the 'Auto Shopper'

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/KyuTJkuGcvs/1.jpg
February 6, 2015

Samuel Jordan discovered an ad for B&B Automotive in the Auto Shopper newspaper and decided to visit to see if he might qualify for financing. Today, he's happy that he did.

B&B installed a whole new engine and did not charge her a penny

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/oRVfDXueSAs/1.jpg
January 21, 2015

When Katreese had a problem with her first B&B Automotive car, the Fairless Hills dealership installed a new engine and did not charge her a cent. That plus unmatched customer service brought Katreese resident right back when she needed a new car.

Sisters have more than cars in common

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/-Es3fi3oBkY/1.jpg
January 19, 2015

Andrea and Ayesha not only bought the same model car but also from the same dealer -- B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills.

Affordable Payment Terms

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/nLNCVdjE1F0/1.jpg
Easton, PA
December 26, 2014

Jerry Jones of Easton, Pa. visited other auto dealers adc heard: "Sorry, because of you credit rating, we can't help." At B&B he not only got a good car but also affordable payment terms.


image: //img.youtube.com/vi/o_Dmm6xUT7g/1.jpg
December 18, 2014


Very Pleased

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/yWrWGbAkjrk/1.jpg
December 17, 2014

Estavia Jefferson was very pleased with her previous B&B Automotive vehicle. When it was lost to her in an accident, she called B&B Credit Specialist Jose Cuevas who found her a newer and even nicer car.

Truly helping people who find themselves in a bad situation

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/Qf6o6EpmfWA/1.jpg
December 15, 2014

Philadelphia resident thanks B&B Auto for "truly helping people who find themselves in a bad situation." Joe has some interesting plans to help others as well.


image: //img.youtube.com/vi/VaTPA-pStI0/1.jpg
December 13, 2014

The car she qualified for at B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills made Veronica, a former charity clown, as happy as a big red nose.

Pleased to discover B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/drihunHnR-Y/1.jpg
Ardmore, PA
December 7, 2014

As a former mechanic, Kenneth Parker of Ardmore, Pa. knows the value of well maintained cars. He also appreciates a lower than expected down payment and reasonable financing payments.For all those reasons, he was pleased to discover B&B Automotive.

Credit Terms You Can Afford

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/H4mMdvrbZAE/1.jpg
New Jersey
December 1, 2014

Chris, a NJ Transit electrician, is getting hitched...and he just got the vehicle he needs for his new family-- at credit terms he can afford--at B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills

Pleased that they found B&B of Fairless Hills, Pa.

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/OFSYF79DzX8/1.jpg
November 18, 2014

A transplant from Arizona, Kari likes the Northeast's change of seasons but dreads our winters. Sean is glad to be back home in Philly--and even happier that Kari came with him. And both are pleased that they found B&B of Fairless Hills, Pa.

Found a vehicle that will greatly improve his daily commute to work

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/k15MOhNgkXc/1.jpg
November 13, 2014

At B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills, Branford Hunt III found a vehicle that will greatly improve his daily commute to work. It also provides room for the one--or maybe two-little ones about to join the family.

Thanks B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/0_AiQNR78CI/1.jpg
Jackson, NJ
October 31, 2014

Estrella Sanchez took a ride. Not at Six Flags in her hometown of Jackson, NJ, but to B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills, Pa. And she's glad she did.

Olrich gives B&B a '15 of out 10'

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/S3UFgDhahB0/1.jpg
October 20, 2014

Haitian-born Oldrich BeauBrun did hours of car shopping online and decided that B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills was the place to visit. When he did, he qualified for the car of his choicie and was so happy that he rated the dealership a '15 out of 10.'

Check out the great people at B&B

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/9LAFSWsyvSw/1.jpg
Warminster, PA
October 17, 2014

Shawn Houser of Warminster, Pa found himself in a credit jam but badly needing a car. A friend steered him to B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills and today Shawn could not be happier.

How quick and easy it was to get financing and to drive off in a low-mileage car that he liked.

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/VGUFSihhNaQ/1.jpg
October 7, 2014

Rick and his buddy Darrin met as cross-country runners in college and will now be making tracks in Rick's new vehicle from B&B Automotive.

I Am Referring My Friends!

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/POBEu_ggzxM/1.jpg
September 25, 2014

Kia said she tried other dealerships but they really weren't willing to work with her on financing.Then she found B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills and now she's referring her friends, too.

Needed A Larger Vehicle

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/m1tswgGQ_0U/1.jpg
Pemberton, NJ
September 24, 2014

With the start of a new school year and lots of sports practices, Lavar and Makeba Kelly realized that a larger vehicle was necessary. They found the minivan they wanted and could afford at B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills.

Put A Smile On His Mom's Face

image: //img.youtube.com/vi/f6hoBgEAr28/1.jpg
August 14, 2014

Dolores Reyes of Philadelphia was a full week without a car and getting anxious. Her son, Russell, discovered B&B Automotive of Fairless Hills and helped put a smile back on his mom's face.